My Story

Rev. Dr. Esther R. Brown

My Story

My journey with the Lord began over 20 years ago. By that time, I had wandered through many periods of wilderness and had endured countless moments of grief. The end of a marriage. The loss of a job. The death of a child. Feelings of betrayal from those I believed loved me. A sense of abandonment. I was in a place of confusion and despair.

It became clear to me that I could not rely on my own strength, knowledge, or abilities. I began to seek the Lord for strength and peace in His Word. As I grew in relationship and intimacy with God, my spirit became stronger. My spiritual growth unlocked Kingdom wisdom and knowledge, which enabled me to stand in a new authority. Since then, I continue to stand tall during the various seasons of my life. I now know that I can survive the wilderness with the help of the Holy Spirit.

About five years into my journey, God placed a calling on my heart. He urged me to share His truth, which has been a light in my life. I received that calling and have been teaching and preaching the Word for over 15 years. My journey continues as I endeavor to spread the good news to others that—no matter what you are going through, the things you have done, the things that have been done to you, where you are at now, or how old you are—God loves you and offers salvation, redemption, deliverance, providence, and an abundant life. See yourself as God sees you.

My Personal Christian Philosophy

My personal belief is that I am a “servant leader.” I work to establish Kingdom knowledge in the life of every individual.

The experiences in our lives, good and bad, shape our destiny. We should not dismiss them but embrace and use them to empower us to live abundantly. I describe life experiences and the process of establishing and knowing who we are through the concepts of colors and seasons. Various colors and changing seasons represent preparation or places of where we find ourselves. The identification of colors and the timing of seasons are unique to each one of us.

One thing that we all have in common is we are not here by happenstance. We are not here by accident. When we look at the scriptures, we realize that we all have purpose in life. But we often miss our purpose because we fail to see the distractions, hardships, and shipwrecks as opportunities. Many of us focus on all the bad that happens to us (or others) without looking deeper into the purposes each negative experience has in our own lives. Once we know and understand God (as best we can), we will gain discernment and increased clarity as to our purpose. And we will be equipped to weather the storms of life and transition into seasons of abundance.

Each and every one of us will leave a legacy. Let your legacy be one of wholeness, fulfillment, and abundance. A life that generations to come will emulate.